Finding New Zealand - Prior to 1850


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Finding New Zealand

- Prior to 1850 -



Brian Hooker

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Mission Statement: Why did I build this large site

 and why did I release it onthe Internet?

 Short answer:

Because it needed to be done; Amoris causa.

The theme -: New Zealand previous to 1850.

The object of this web site is twofold - firstly to provide the story of New Zealand

 previous to 1850, a period usually  glossed over in standard history books; secondly to

 honour the memory of the early participants in the discovery, exploration, and

settling of this country. New Zealanders today owe so much to the men

and women named or acknowledged in these pages. Early New  Zealand

cartography, navigation,  exploration, discovery, surveying and

artworks. To search my web site enter a key word and click Search - for a list

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Section - A

New Zealand unveiled

Page ABN1 New Zealand unveiled in one page - without illustrations 

Section- B

Explorers' charts and views of New Zealand

age BZQ1  Preliminaries and bibliography -  Part A

Page BZR1 Plates 1 to 19 Part B - illustrated

Page BZS1 Plates20 to 37 - Part C - illustrated

Page BZT1 Plates 38 to 60 - Part D - illustrated

Page BZU1 Plates 61 to 74, and  bibliography - Part E

Section - C

Page CZM1 Dictionary of mapmakers Part 1 A to L

Page CCA1 Part 2 M to Z and Bibliography

Section - D

Early New Zealand printed maps

Page DYD1 Preliminaries and maps displaying New Zealand's western littoral - Chapter 1

Page DYE1  James Cook's charts and their progeny - Chapter 2

Page DYF1  Vancouver's charts - Chapter  3

Page DYG1 British Admiralty hydrographic charts - Chapter 4      

Page DYH1 French printed charts - 18th and 19th century - Chapter 5

Page DYi1 Maps in marine atlases, and charts - Chapter 6

Page DYJ1 Missionary maps - Chapter 7

Page DYK1 Maps by the Wylds - Chapter 8

Page DYL1 Maps by the Arrowsmiths - Chapter 9

Page DYM1 Maps in British Parliamentary Papers - Chapter 10

Page DYN1 Maps by Smith, Elder & Co., and in the New Zealand Journal - Chapter 11

Page DYO1 Additional maps first published previous to 1840  - Chapter 12

Page DYP1 Maps by colonial lithographers Chapter 13

Page DYQ1 New maps -  1840-1847 - Chapter 14

Section - E

Journal of Abel Janszoon Tasman 1642-1643   

Page EBA1 Part 1 - Front matter and Tasman's Journal from 14 August to 25 November 1642

Page EBB1  Part 2 - Tasman's Journal from 26 November  1642  to 31 January 1643

Page EBC1 - Part 3 - Tasman's Journal from 1 February to 7 April 1643

Page EBD1 - Part 4 - Tasman's Journal from 8 April  to  15 June 1643 - return to Batavia

Page EBE1  Illustrations associated with the discussion of the journal   

Page EBF1 Book review:  The Merchant of the "Zeehaen"  freshly assessed

Section - F

Polynesian and Māori

Page FCB1 Migrants without descendants

Page FWW1  Examples of early French drawings of Maori

Page FBL1 A series of Māori portraits circa 1842 - Coates et al.

Page FAC2 A sharp rebuttal to "Origin of the first New Zealanders" 

Page FAD2  Re-invented traditions - a brief note

Page FAH1  Tiki,  greenstone data and Māori art 

Page FAO3  Portages of early Auckland

Page FAF1  Did the Māori ancestors deliberately navigate?

Page FBP1 The Maori legend of Karikari

Section - G


Page GXC1  The first traverse of the Pacific -  by Ferdinand Magellan

Page GAS1  Jacob Le Maire discovers a new passage to the Pacific in 1616*

Page GWC1  Identifying “Davis’s Land” in maps*

Page GAL1  Down with Bligh - "Hurrah for Tahiti!"*

Page GAB2  Early Portuguese discoveries in the South-west Pacific ?

Page GAP2 European discovery of the Tonga Islands*

Page GAV2  European discovery of the Cook Islands*

Page GAC1 Early Pacific personalities and ships

Section - H  

   Discoveries in New Zealand waters

Page HAA4  Early independent and foreign surveyors in New Zealand waters

Page HAW1  Did J. R. Kent prepare the Port Nicholson plan in 1826 previously credited to Herd?

Page HAW2  A  new look at the European. discovery and  naming of Port Nicholson.* 

Page HBJ1 The journal of Thomas Shepherd - plus to follow Herd's report

Page HXB1  The Waitemata Harbour unveiled 1820*

Page HWB1 James Cook's secret search in New Zealand waters in 1769*     

Page HZF1  An early French encounter with Northland - Spirits Bay - in 1772*

Page HBi1  Early New Zealand coastal views by J. R. Kent*

Page HAS2 Identifying James Cook's discoveries in Hauraki Gulf in 1769*

Page HAO1 Identifying Tasman's discoveries in Three Kings Islands

Page HAT1  Thomas  Anderson - little known European discoverer of Waitemata  Harbour

 Section - i


                                                                           Page iZB1  Ptolémée-connaissait-il l'Australie?* 
(Original  French bversion)

Page iWD1  Finding Australia’s East Coast*

Page iAE1  A brief note on the Tasman-Bonaparte map

Section - J

 Navigation and charts in general

Page JZP1  The development of navigation    

Page jwp1 A brief list of early nautical terms

Page JAB1  A Multitude of prime meridians

Section - K

New Zealand maps not directly related to early explorers

Page KZD1  The French contribution to the early charting of New Zealand  Part A*

 PAGE KZE1 The French contribution to the early charting of New Zealand  Part B*

Page KAP1 The problem of North cape in maps*

Page KXK1 Official general charts of New Zealand 1772-1885*

Page KAZ1 Issues of the McDonnell-Wyld 1834 chart of New Zealand

Page KBO1 Two sets of Tasman longitudes in early maps

Page KAN1 A plan of Auckland circa 1850*

Page KAX2  Felton Mathew's foundation plan of Auckland 1840*

Page KAU1 An early Waitangi plan - The town of Victoria*

Page KXK2   A preliminary list of survey-charts by Thomas Wing (also see Page KAX1)

Page KXK3  The Origin of "Taranaki Bay" in New Zealand  maps*

Page KAO2 Raphael Clint’s map of Auckland, published in 1839*

Page KAX1 Thomas Wing's northern charts  (see Page KXK2 also.)

Section - L

 World maps, globes and related subjects

Page LZG1  La carte du monde de W. J.Blaeu de 1604*  (French version as published)

Page LAR3  New light on the mapping and naming of New Zealand

Page LAT2  Hondius' Great World map of 1598*ians

Section - M

Time line, Bibliographies, biographies and similar 

Page MAA2 Timeline - New Zealand chronology to 1840

Page MWV1 A brief biographical note, portraits and links for James Cook

Page MAK3  List of published papers and monographs by Brian Hooker

Page MAK1 Bibliography relating to all pages on this web site

Page MAD1 A biographical note on Alexander  Dalrymple

Page MAK2  Bibliography of the published works of Andrew Sharp* a

Page MBW1  The Life and Adventures of John Marmon - The Hokianga Pakeha Maorilso a

Section - N

 Pages unrelated to the above categories - all New Zealand

Page NAU2 An early Auckland transport plan rediscovered*

Page NWA1  Earliest cartographic  representation and  name for New  Zealand  in a printed map

Page NZH1  The de Surville plaque and anchor Northland

Page NAA6  The naming of New Zealand

Page NAA5  Early cartography in New Zealand - a list and guide

Page NBQ1  Auckland Isthmus - volcanic fields - images   

Page NXS1  Early reviews of New Zealand maps  

Section - O

 First group of various files

Page OZL1  General acknowledgements

Page OAM1 My suggestion for a new projection for a world map

Page OAD3  The mythical southern continent

 Page OZL2  False claims by historians

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Section - P

Second group of various files  

Page PWE1  Guide to mounting and framing maps

Page PWN1   Guide for collectors

Page PYR3  Letters to newspapers and journals published*

Page PYR4  Map cartoons

Page PXi1 Hogan prints of Auckland 1852 - details only  

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Section - Q

Images of parts of New Zealand  previous to 1850 (To Follow) 

Section- R

Additional maps - previous to 1850

Section - S

 Early official chart catalogues  

Page SZi1 British Admiralty Chart catalogues - New Zealand  Section from 1839

Page SZJ1 Early Official French chart catalogues - from 1837 - New Zealand sections    

Section - T


Page TAE2  Tips for map collectors  

Section - U

Lists of early maps (to follow)

Section - V

Notes about copyright and disclaimer

Page VXJ1 Re.  Copyright

Page VXJ3  Disclaimer  

Section - W

Different versions of explorers' images

Page WXP1 Tasman's view of Golden Bay 1642 - different versions

Page WAJ1 Le Maire's view of a Polynesian sailing vessel -1616 - different versions

Section - X

James Cook and his Pacific voyages    

Page XWV1 A brief biographical note, portraits,  links for James Cook and Cook the artist

Page XWD1  Finding Australia’s East Coast* Cook in 1770.

Page XAS2  Identifying James Cook's discoveries in Hauraki Gulf in 1769*

Page XWB1  see HWB1 above

Page XBH1    HM Bark  Endeavour

Section - Y

Section - Z - Important links of interest to map researchers (To follow)


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